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I now have a new Internet corner to play in:

Please visit my new blog: Joy In Your Arms

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Sorry I've been absent here. Tried Facebook but don't really like it.

Sadly dropped Culinary school with a 3.9 GPA due to health reasons. Been sick, off and on, for over a year. Trying yoga now to regain strength.

Between 1998 and 2009 I wrote 10 novels. Good stories, but a salesman I'm not.

Still writing poetry, though.

And reading A LOT. Favorite authors are Steven Erikson, Josh Lanyon, and Cameron Dane.

Not reviewing anymore and don't intend to return soon.

five years searching for
self--finally discovering the
explorer inside

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REINS OF TIME is not selling well because I'm not sitting in front of the computer pushing it. If you've read it, if you could PLEASE review it somewhere I'd appreciate it :) The sequel is finished and has been sitting on Wild Child Press's submissions desk for 2 years. If you're interested, please poke them and say so!

As for me personally, I'm now at cooking school, The Art Institute to be exact. Having a blast!

Emails welcome from anyone who wants to chat. Just know I'm going to school mornings and working afternoons, so I might not be quick on the response :)

Why KC is not writing....

I've decided to take a break from writing for awhile, for many reasons. Mainly, though, it's because I need to LIVE life instead of just being an arm-chair adventurer. Too many writers weigh in at over 300 pounds. When I hit 160, I knew I was spending too much time in front of the computer. I've since started "hot" yoga and am down to 145 pounds! It feels great! :) My goal is to have a flat tummy by the time my son gets married in May. Learning a lot. And living again. I'm happy.

My stories are in the fridge, no longer even on a backburner. I might bring them out some day to polish yet again. But it won't be this spring. After the thaw, I've a mess of cold-burned tropical plants to work on. I might also look for a new job... maybe.

I'm hungry for change. And new friends. If anyone is interested in taking this journey with me, contact my email: kcheath@gmail.com

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Okay, I can understand if you want to commit suicide during the holidays, I really can. But--do consider the consequences.

I was driving on a Houston freeway this morning, in the fog. I'm used to the usual crazies and thought nothing could startle me. I was wrong. This motorcyclist changed lanes in front of me, came up from behind on my left and swerved so close past my front bumper I think he touched it while darting to the far right lane. What shook me up was his position on the bike. He was laying as far back as he could with arms outstretched behind him, steering with his legs and body only. If he had miscalculated only a fraction on that slippery surface there is no way in hell I could have prevented myself from killing him. I was on the verge of tears the rest of the way home. If I would have killed that fool, I would have been an emotional wreck for many years to come. Maybe he was just joy-riding, or perhaps he really does have a death wish. But at what cost? I don't believe he cares what he will do to others with his carelessness.

I've witnessed the aftermaths of several suicides. The wakes they leave behind are never pretty. And years later, what people remember most are How that person died, not how they lived.

It takes more courage to keep living than it does to disconnect with life. I was once part of a suicide hot-line where they taught us to tell callers, "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." Guess that's one way to think on it. I know a lot of people hang on just because of their pets...seriously. That doesn't get you outside the depression box, however. Lately, I've realized that depression is a bad habit. Bad habits, I've been told, can be broken by substituting with a good habit. Hard to do, I know, but worth a try. Self-pity is an ugly thing. And it's counter-productive too. Try removing it from the equation of your thinking. Get out of your routine, somehow.

I've signed up for Big Brothers & Sisters of America. There's lots of volunteer opportunities out there, and tons of other creative ideas and new adventures in this world. Don't give up on yourself. And please don't consider suicide. It ruins more lives than just your own, and that isn't kind. Be kind to yourself--it's good karma :)

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Been spending my time reading a lot lately. The writing Muse comes in spurts and right now it's off. So I'm swimming in books to read. A couple have been so hot I've re-read them!  Anyway, it's distressing to see PUBLISHED works with bloopers. Like, in this one really good book, this character is working as an undercover cop, and one of the people with him uses his real name [someone who doesn't KNOW his real name--it's a writer's mistake which not everyone will catch, but--ouch!].  And, then there's this ARC [Advance Release Copy for review] I'm reading by a New York author and I'm only half through it and have already come across one wrong name use AND a content error almost any competent reader will catch. Heck, if any publisher saw that in my writing the manuscript would be tossed in the trash.

I've submitted two stories this summer. Both were rejected because they can't be placed due to not fitting said formula. At writer's conventions I've gone to, and in How To Write books I've read there are debates about Originality VS Marketability. Writers who follow the formula get marketed. The few lucky Original writers who get published win awards. If you're a writer, some day you too will have to make the decision--Do I want awards or money?  Very few writers get both. Very few.

So far, I'm still on the Originality side--that's why only one of my many completed stories have published. Still, it's frustrating to see bloopers in stuff out of New York that would not be accepted in my work.

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In May I took 6 days off from work to spend on an alternate history story I started several years back. Made progress on that story, but couldn't finish it. HOWEVER, the Muse took hold, and I've been writing like crazy ever since. Two novellas finished and two more on the drawing board, all in my Ghost Mage series. Ever since I decided to go erotica on those, my imagination took off like fire. LooseId is now looking at the story line and I have my fingers crossed. This morning while at work--blah, blah, boring--Muse takes over and tells me a certain very special character has to die. I'm so crushed I stopped breathing. Then I burst out laughing--it's just a character! 


We all have soapboxes, you know, topics of conversation which get us so riled we rant long and loud, hoping someone will here us. The current literary market is one of mine.

Apparently, 99% of all new authors sending submissions to NY, NY end up with their submissions in the trash. It's money, plain & simple. Those NY publishers want to keep making money, of course, and new authors are a risk they don't want to take. And why should they, when they can re-publish old favorites and have them selling off grocery store shelves like hotcakes.

New authors are stuck between either not selling their work at all [I have several very proficient writer friends who fall in this category], or they sell to smaller markets, like electronic publishers. The problem with electronic publishing is the stigma. "It's not cream of the crop", someone told me. My experienced answer is: it depends. Back when I was reviewing for yetanotherbookreview.com, I read a lot of stuff, and many books put out by small publishers were not worth reading, unfortunately. BUT--since NY City has narrowed its field of acquisitions even more, many very good books are being put out by small publishers. You just have to be a more discriminate buyer. If I've read a stinker from one small publisher, then I don't buy anymore of their work. Some small publishers are putting out excellent products, however. I didn't choose Wild Child Publications blindly. They spent nearly a year editing REINS OF TIME, using 3 different people to look over my manuscript. That they don't promote with such enthusiasm has me irrate, but I've heard that's the score with ALL publishers these days, it's the norm.

What's got me up on my soapbox this week is the definition of "published". Literally, a piece of work has to go through the editing process in order to be considered published. Someone who uses a printer to put out their work has not published that work. But, because of electronic publishing's stigma, groups like the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Amercia do not count publishers like Wild Child Publications as a "qualifying publisher" for my inclusion in their membership even though when I attempted to submit to a TOR-UK New Author contest I was disqualified for already being published. IT'S A DOUBLE STANDARD! Yet they can get away with it because they are large entities which want to keep holding power.

How long will it last, that new authors keep getting squeezed out? Probably another 15 years, at least. Schools are starting to use Kimbles, however. The newer generations are very primed for electronic everything, and hopefully, they won't have patience for the power plays of these old corporations. Not soon enough for those of us caught in the middle.

What can you do now? Resist the urge to purchase books which have been re-released. And, try new authors whenever you can. Hey, creativity is as important in this day and age as it ever was. Support it, please!

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who'd a thought it?

Thousands of dead Galveston trees to be removed soon

Hurricane Ike is still taking it's toll....

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Day-job-itis is always bad in the springtime at this office. By May, I'm always ready for a vacation. This year I did something different, however. Had a "stay home and write" 6 days off. The first half was quite productive. Got over the middle hump and slid into the climax of my alternative history story, TALLOMAJ. The second half of my time off was affected by domestic distractions. Then I had to go back to work [bleck], and lost the momentum.

But! The path was struck, and Muse started upon Her newest trek [question, is Muse He or She? :)

Of course, Muse didn't want to finish a difficult project. No, we began a new one. Been drifting this direction lately anyway. Several years ago I wrote a Sword & Sorcery tale-- RANDLEON THE GREAT: A GHOST MAGE STORY, set in northern Italy, in the year 1121. Then, this last year I finished [and will submit this summer] the second GHOST MAGE STORY, set in central Texas, in the year 2121 [I'll tell you the title once I get it copyrighted]. So, Muse & I are now visiting the third GHOST MAGE STORY, set in outer space, in the year 3121, and we're having FUN!  The last 2 stories are menage. Don't ask me how that happened, I've not done it myself [though it's fun to imagine --LOL-- and a blast to write].

Oh, the Muse, She is purring nicely now *g*

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